Seamless Integration

REEP integrates with MYOB, Agrimaster and Xero (coming soon). Import your data directly into REEP to get a clear picture of your cash flow, create a budget and forecast for the future.

See REEP in action

REEP gives you a helicopter view of your financial data and the ability to run ‘what if?’ scenarios. You get live forecasting of your cash flow and a solid risk management tool so you can plan for any business event from anywhere, at any time.

Where are you now?

Get a real-time view of your budgets and cash flow.

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Where do you want to be?

Easily identify financial risk and plan future business scenarios.

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Product features

Getting started with REEP is easy. In no time, you’ll be managing the downside risk of your business and dreaming up new ways to grow.

View Live Budget to Actuals

View your Budget to Actuals in real-time, anywhere at anytime.

Collaborative sharing

Share your Budget with your Accountant, Consultant or another REEP user.

Auto Sync with Accounting Software

Get a clear picture of your cash flow with REEP in real time as it syncs automatically with your Accounting Software. (Coming soon)

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